new york girls are pale, perverted, and scary!

hell, he did a sonic youth record...he's got street cred...he's gotta be cool...richardkern (8k image)mat: do u have jon spencer blue’s explosion’s orange on vinyl?
hotelopera: naw
mat: dude.
mat: do you wanna get the poon tang every 3 mins?
hotelopera: i need to start rebuilding my vinyl collection tho
mat: that record on vinyl will get you tang like no other
mat: they will line up taking numbers
mat: the only problem is the side changes
mat: but you can work your pace to keep in mind the side changes
hotelopera: is it 2 sides or 4?
mat: two
mat: acme is 4
mat: acme would prolly provide similar results
mat: but for full-on poon action, i highly recommend orange
hotelopera: i wanna dig that ditch!
mat: dude, exactly!
mat: now you’re feeling the flavah!
mat: tell J.G. you got a present for her!
mat: and put some bellbottoms on
mat: but J.G. wont let you keep them on for long!
hotelopera: haha
mat: serious man.
hotelopera: dude i haven’t heard that album in so long
hotelopera: i at least need to get it on CD
mat: i seriously believe the quality of tang with seriously improve after the sounds of orange on vinyl
mat: nothing against your current state of poon-ness with J.G.
mat: you buy it and if it doesnt impove i will reimburse you
hotelopera: hehe
mat: money back gaurantee!
hotelopera: the blues is guaranteed!
mat: the blues is #1 !!!!
mat: #1 in detroit
mat: #1 in zander’s crib of love
hotelopera: haha

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