touch me….i’m sick.

she best the rain down in africa. (12k image)last friday night, i felt it coming on. and when i woke up saturday, it was on. the sickness. i usually don’t get completely sick. normally, i’d nurse a cough….or sore throat….but nothing that would keep me in bed for more than a few hours. but this time….it was serious. i didn’t leave the house..except to get medicine and gallons of orange juice….for two days. my entire weekend was shot. and yet….it was one of the best weekends.

i had mentioned before about meeting someone….and it’s unreal. very. so after a wonderful friday night….and making plans that night to see her the following night….of course, i get sick. so i thought i wouldn’t see her until this week. but she volunteered to come up and bring me herbal tea and just be with me. so incredibly sweet. so she came up and and made dolma for a potluck party she was attending the following day. and….ummm….apparently i passed on my sickness to her. she thought it was very funny….i, on the other hand, felt like a dick.

the rest of the weekend was spent on the couch taking various medications. and come monday, i called out of work….knowing that if i sat in that office, i’d probably get worse. by this time, i was pretty tired of being sick….and had fallen behind with work and school. knowing that i had much to do…i used another sick day on tuesday to catch up on shit i couldn’t do over the weekend. by tuesday afternoon, i was almost back to normal…and now i’m just down to a cough. thanks to tea and vitamin c.

so to celebrate my liberation from the sickness….i went down to visit the girl last night. when i got there, she was making potato leek soup. the girl can cook up a storm. so i chopped some stuff…trying to look useful. and then we set up dinner on the hardwood floor…lit some candles…and ate. and drank tea. very sixteen candles-esque. and we listened to beth orton and morphine…..and did all of that silly googily eye stuff people who dig each other do in the beginning. it was great. and she makes me so happy.

a great ending to a most bizarre weekend.

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