dude, can you send me a list? holla at me!

I've done drugs that would blow your mind tonight, Real fine tonight, Blow your mind tonight, Outta my mind tonight, tonight, Going outta my mind tonight, Outta my mind tonight, Blow your blind tonight - the frogs - perryfarrell_red (14k image)This whole week has been keeping up with the status quo here at work. Which is strange cos i’ve been coming in a tad later and staying later. I guess i am turning my work that is sometimes very acutely mundane into more interesting and managable tasks. I do wish I had more people to crack the whip on. That would be nice. The one deal of this gig is really enjoying the “Manager” aspect of my job. But a job is a job is a job. I am already boring myself with talking about work. So in other work related news that is a little more interesting, I am going to be published in a magazine. Not that this is the first time. But i am going to be published for pictures I am very proud of. And not that I wasnt proud of the other pictures that have been published. It’s just these newly published pictures are just simply more interesting to me. So basically this came about with someone seeing my live Sonic Youth shots (say that 10 times, quickly) from a year or so ago and thought they would go great with a Sonic Youth article. So bam, he contacted me and the rest is history. Or will be once the magazine comes out. More on that later.

This weekend I am doing more Silver Sessions with Daniel. We’ve been way to slack lately about that. So Saturday night we’re going to Sputnik with Daniel and his infamous new “friend”. (imagine my quoting gesture, if you will) – It will be nice to just sit down and talk with Daniel about a lot of ongoing and last minute Olympus Mons Records’ issues. It’s pretty crazy how close we are to releasing the first official release. Well in fact this will be the 3rd. But 1+1+1-.5-.5-.5-.5/3.14159. So it’s really just a wash of an equation and a crossing of the beams. But years of planning that equals sign is what it’s all about.

Sunday Maria and Bill are coming down to Takoma Park to do some shopping with Emily and myself. The boutique stores in Takoma Park just rule. In fact most of everything in Takoma Park rules. I could totally see myself settling down there. So yeah, that will be a good time. It’s just too bad that they cant bring their adorable Princess Buttercup puppy dog. I want a dog.

Things that make my blood boil:
-rubbernecking on the highway
-people who can’t spell my name
-michael jackson
-that i kinda like that new justin timberlake cut
-mike walker
-this new homeland-security-bill-my-ass
-people who dont believe in satan
-people who dont worship satan
-people who dont do what satan says
-people who love christ over satan
-people who love satan over satan
-satan who love satan over satan
-who satan love satan over satan
-satan over love who satan satan
-satan love who satan satan
-oh yeah, and having problems ordering yo la tengo tickets for dec 6

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