go g – w/ that hundred of thousand of watts u got there

so good!  scscream (15k image)Emily is watching the E True Hollywood story on Whitney and Bobby. I am looking at old SCUG stuff. Today was a big wash. The IT people at our company decided it was a good idea to upgrade our email server. They also decided to do this during the week. Why they cant do this on a weekend like normal IT people do, to avoid downtime, escapes me. So basically all day we were down and i couldn’t really do anything. All my scheduling was in there. If i missed a lunch date or meeting, I apologize. Sorry, park’s closed. So i left around 1pm after I had exhausted my options.

Rod Langway came in to the studio this morning. As you can probably tell by my past posts, I am not a sports dude. I dont really follow it and and i dont really understand it. I mean i understand why people like it, similarly to how i am drawn to music. I just dont get all the rules and regulations and trades and what not. Anyways. This is one sports dude I knew. I used to go to Caps hockey games when i was a kid with my Father. Rod was the crazy one with no helmet. Anyways. It was nice to be in the same room with him for a while. Hell, he’s Canadian. He’s fucking dank. Very sincere and humble man considering he was coming in cos he was being inducted in to the Hockey Hall of Fame. God rod.

Tomorrow I am playing with Daniel and Bo. It’s been too long since i’ve got my jam on. Kick out the jams. Hopefully we’ll be so loud we drown out that fucking jamband that is killing Chris. Hopefully. Anyways, and regardless it will be a good time. And Daniel’s new relationship is beginning to remind me of how me and Emily were about this time last year. We are now sorta living vicariously thru them. Or something. It’s just really cool for Daniel. Later for you. After the rockage we’re all going to Sputnik. Me, Daniel, Emily and his honey. Fun fun fun! Lukewarm water?! And sunday Maria and Bill decided to come hang with Me and Emily in Takoma Park for the day. Then I prolly need to kick it in at work for a bit to catch up for today’s awfully wasted day.

I‘ve been reading a lot of SCUG stuff lately. The El Oso (their 3rd and last record) Diary’s are so stellar. Here are some of Doughty’s highlights:

This record is thus far without a gangadank. A gangadank is a kind of guitar rhythm that I invented in an attempt to recreate a hiphop groove on an acoustic guitar–it goes, gangadank, gank-guh-did-dank–that nowadays I gravititate to naturally every time I pick up the guitar. “Chicago,” “The Idiot Kings,” “Moon Sammy,”–all examples of gangadanks. There are numerous superstitions about gangadanks within Soul Coughing–no two gangadanks in a row in a given set list, for example. There are also arguments about the definition of a gangadank–Mark, for instance, maintains that “Idiot” is a false gangadank, because though there is a clear gangadank being played on the guitar, the heart of the song is the bassline. Gentleman Jim defines the gangadank as any song with an integral guitar part–thus making “Soundtrack to Mary” a gangadank, a song that actually utilizes a guitar rhythm I call a choogler.

Gus Brandt is the most vocal exponent of the gangadank. Every time we speak, he goes, “You need some of them gangadanks, Habba. The kids, they yearn for more gangadanks.” The one gangadank we had been playing live for a couple of years, “Don’t Go Wreck the Car,” wasn’t recorded–there’s still a chance we might track it when we go back to Los Angeles to mix in late January–and I think it broke Gus’ heart.

Warner Bros. bought us a video camera with which to immortalize the dull studio life, and I used it to make a brief demo of Yuval Gabay to submit to “House of Style.” If this band ever should do anything, Yuval Gabay should at least have his own regular segment on house of style.

Doughty: What do you have to say about style, Yuval?
Yuval: Style, yes. Style. Highly.
Doughty: What kind of style do you like, Yuval?
Yuval: House of Style! House of Style!

Randall Davis Kaye came down to the studio every other evening or so, and had dinner and got stoned with us. It is the general practice of people that work at record companies to attempt meaningful musical dialogue, to use words like ‘bridge’ and ‘hook’ and have no real idea what these words mean in context. For avoiding these words entirely, RDK is a genius among record company people.

“Oh, I don’t care,” he would say. “I just want your band to buy me a house.”

One night he came down and we played for him the keeper take of “St. Louise Is Listening” at an insanely loud volume. After it faded out, there was a long pause.

Good night kiddos.

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