overall good effort but in need of improvement

358487-a63c2d9832116868 (14k image)Saturday I woke up around 9am. I was supposed to sleep in later, but my internal clock is still set for waking up at 8am-ish. So 9am, i reckon, is still sleeping late. So i woke up and checked my email and started watching Saturday Morning Cartoons. Those old Warner Bros. cartoons rocked. Totally cracked out. So after some Kashi cereal i contemplated showering. But since i was playing some music with Bo and Daniel later, i decided to refrain from getting clean at this point. It kinda reminded me of the summer after i graduated high school. I worked part time at Blockbuster to pay off my rather tiny credit card bills. It was a big bill when it hit triple digits. So yeah, basically i’d work afternoons and weekends during the day. Hell no, i’d never work those nights. However, i did work a few, but totally refused to do those late night inventories. Not i. Hell no. So anyways…since i worked weird hours and weird days, i could have like 3 days off in a row. So it was basically me not showering for days. Just cos i could. I guess i wasn’t dating anyone at the time nor was I looking. I think just played a lot of drums and was getting excited for college and pot and my soon to be disenchanted music degree.

Bo came over around 11.30am. He showed up with his Fender Bassman reissue. So yummy. If i didnt get that Kustom amp, i would have got that bassman. TUBES! So while waiting for Daniel to wake up and show, Bo and myself played a bit. I played the drums and Bo on bass. Then Daniel showed up, but since he didnt check his voice mail he had no clue Bo was going to be there. Maybe Daniel should have his VM forward to Holly’s house, you vixen. So Saturday was spent playing with Bo and Daniel and listening a bit to MONSiii. I taped it and it sounded really good considering it was just a stereo mic on a minidisc recorder. The drums sounded so loud, but the bass and keyboards didnt even sound like their respective instruments. I’ll have to work on mic placement next time. The rehearsal of sorts went really well. It was almost like a first date. But i definitely want to see them both again. It’s just nice to be playing.

Then they left and i sorta lounged around for a bit. Then went to Emily’s place to meet Daniel and his new girlie there. She was tres cool and super good looking. Daniel picked a good one. Or Holly picked a good one. Or both. Or something. match.com So after they drank some wine and smoked some cigs we headed to Sputnik and had a nice dinner there. We always do. It’s a given there. Daniel and Holly got all cute and shit and started dancing on the fly. Holly is very intelligent and is rather funny. Not funny looking like some people, but actually humorous. They make a great couple. Kinda makes me sick actually and makes me want to puke in various directions. But it’s really awesome for Daniel. And go figure he picks a girl who has like 4000 degrees from GW. Talk about a soon-to-be sugar-momma!

Sunday Bill, Maria and Patricia came down to Takoma Park to have lunch and do various shopping. We went to Mark’s Kitchen for yummy grub and then hit the farmer’s market and various other Takoma shops. Then we went the illustrious and praiseworthy Takoma Underground to get some thrift store shopping on. I picked up a WWII field microphone i am going to rewire, a tie and an old accordion that i will be learning how to play shortly. Then after that we went back to Mark’s to get some coffee and desserts. Maria and Bill are so much more entertaining and fun when they arent at work. Granted they are more fun as well at their home, but still they are always concerned with entertaining and feeding. But not on Sunday, so it was just awesome to chill with them when they had no worries at all. A very cool bunch of people. And it’s very exciting about Maria’s new child. What a spoiled rotten kid they will have. Maybe this means they will give me Buttercup when they have their child. Doubt it, but a dude can dream, right?

And today is monday. I woke up to a nasty nose bleed as happens more often in the winter. I guess i gotta get off the coke. But yeah, it was nasty. It was all over the place. My two pillows and thru the actual pillow, my duvet, my fitted sheet and the mattress pad thing. So i had to wash it quickly. So didnt want to have to deal with that. catalyst Time to buy a humidifier. But more importantly me and Laura are buying a cheapo DVD player tonight so we can watch our Spinal Tap DVD.

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