i cant understand you as american citizens

bo has some rather funny images on his site... boisawack (7k image)Things that I adore at this moment:

-hearing Emily on her new radio show
-the fact that we both clogged up the garbage disposal in our arsenal of cooking this weekend
-seeing Sara Marcus this weekend
-that she’s still playing drums daily
-paying bills online
-kashi’s medley cereal
-brown sugar
-hearing from jessie handelsman the other night
-possibly seeing her in the near future in tampa
-that it’s way early to be up on a sunday
-playing with Daniel twice this weekend
-playing with Bo once
-Silver Sessions is getting better with each “session”
-some people are actually at church now
-it boggles my mind
-that my family rules, to the extreme
-the new dvd player at our house
-watching spinal tap last night
-watching all the outtakes
-the numbers 7 & 17 are supreme

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