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silver_bo (12k image)Thursday
Thanksgiving was thanksgiving. Samer brought his newborn child. He was tiny. He was ubertiny. The food was really good and really filling. Talk about pooh time. Pooh time was full on for pretty much everyone. And Mom bought this really good cinnamon herbal tea. Super good.

Daniel came over for some Silver Sessions practice. It was really quite good and we came up with some good ideas. We also decided to scrap trying to do MONS stuff live as it’s just too hard to do with 3 people at this time. In the future it will happen. Until then, we’re just gonna make people’s bootie’s shake a lot. Bootie time. After we played until Daniel’s arms were silly putty we went to Fresh Fields to get vege’s for the turkey soup. The soup got two turkey carcass’s this time. Then Sara Marcus came over. I haven’t seen her in over a year and it was nice to catch up with her. Then Jessie Handelsman and Becca called. It was nice to talk to them as well. Total high school reunion. Totally need to plan a trip to Tampa to see her and take advantage of Emily’s father’s place there. Oh yeah, at some point we also went to Target to get a 16 quart stock pot for our soup.

Daniel and Bo came over to practice and it was pretty good. A little short, but definitely a good rehearsal. Things are definitely coming along. Each practice i have it seems that a sampler would really help me along, but that is going to be a little further down the road.

The garbage disposal died. It completely stinks in the kitchen and the dishwasher exploded. Total trauma. But the plumber is coming today. Hurrah! Then we went to the rents’ house for dinner with Emily’s Father and Nan. The first parental meeting. It was really good and Emily’s father did great! He’s so goddamn funny it kills me.

P.S. Pictures are all up in eventus.

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