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yummy yummy, to my tummy.  allysheedy (17k image)I am not sure what exactly it is. Perhaps i am getting older. Perhaps i am more intelligent. Perhaps i just couldn’t give two shits about it anymore. I just don’t get the pop culture movement anymore. Perhaps i don’t see through the media machine anymore. And it’s a big machine. Oozing with horrific images. Perhaps being inside of the business gave me the glasses to see right through that rather shallow facade. It’s not like i don’t see it’s place, and i cant deny the fact that it needs to be in American and other countries. But there appears to be no place in my life anymore. It’s survival of the People-ist. And the People have lost and morphed in to the circular file.

Today after work me and my rather sick roommate went to Giant to get some sick stuff for her and she picked up People Magazine on a whim. I always remembered liking that magazine for all the famous people pictures in there. Perhaps it was my little boy fantasy to be the person who shot all those stalker photos. Later did i realize how violating it could be, and how unglamorous it was. Really, it was all about Mayim Bialik and Ally Sheedy. But that is another story. I didn’t even really think of cracking open the $3.99 piece of virtual National Enquirer, until we started watching Dateline and Mariah Carey came on. It was trash or trash. So i decided to pick the one that had at most human beings in it with more than a 7th grade education with really big breast implants To my dismay, i didn’t recognize anyone in the magazine.

Who the fuck is Beverly Johnson? Michael Vartan? Jamie-Linn Sigler?! And why are they talking about Harrison Ford, William H. Macy and Sting?! Who gave them that right. And why are they writing for my childhood fantasy employer? It almost brought me to a state of shock. I always thought for my age I was on top of most corners of the entertainment industry. My only downfall was TV. I am very aware of this and admit it freely. I don’t really follow it, nor care. Only recently and since the fall of Melrose Place have i watched a TV show so religiously. “24” changed that. We’ll see if it can outlast Melrose Place. But do i think they have the LRSW (Lisa Rinna Secret Weapon)? I doubt it. But it’s really good.

Well, what kind of an asshole grows up in Seattle and doesn’t even know how to swim?

So what is the point? I am not sure. I was just kinda pissed off at my self and yet proud at the same time that i didn’t know 75% of the people in People magazine.

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