don’t be left behind junogi mingle with sex

sex_pill (10k image)jesus.: VRX2000 Vinyl Cutter
jesus.: dude.
daniel.: i think i just came.
jesus.: me too.
daniel.: that arm is sick!
jesus.: i just had to windex my computer monitor
jesus.: i am typing again with one hand
daniel.: yeah…i’m using my right hand to control the mouse….so it feels like someone else is surfing the net….
jesus.: the peenie surfs this turf

daniel.: oh yeah….i forgot about how we had to run to the outhouse when we stayed with jackie….
jesus.: it was a vegan outhouse
daniel.: yeah, that soy toilet seat felt weird on my butt. sticky….
jesus.: at least it moisturized your dreaded butt hair
daniel.: ok….that actually made me gag.

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