i’m the one.

in  love this way. (12k image)i have the day off today. yes! i love snow…only for this reason. so today i am free. free to do whatever i like. though, i’ll probably wind up studying most of the day. possibly cleaning the apartment….watching a movie or two….and generally just kickin’ it. lazy days. i love you.

it’s been a little while since i’ve posted. mostly because i’ve been in a funk. all good things must come to an end….and they have. the girl who came very quickly into my life has exited at the same rate. and at the moment, i’m ok with all of it. it comes and goes. i guess it depends on how many other things i have to occupy my mind. when i sit down and think about it….i get depressed and wonder where it went wrong. and then there are times when i am happy and glad i had the experience….and am very surprised that i was able to open up to someone. and i suppose that’s the most valuable lesson. to know that i’m not a hermit who will never let anyone in. i know i am finally ready for a relationship. funny….i never thought i would be here again. so ladies….introduce yourself.

in other news….school is absolute rock. it’s not nearly as hard as i thought it was going to be. i’m totally on top of it. which is odd….i was never a good student. i don’t know what changed…but i like it. and i’m definitely going to be ready to finish my degree when i’m done this program. now i just have to decide where….and what.

in other other news….silver sessions is taking form. bo has joined us twice now….soon to be thrice this saturday. the only thing i don’t like is that i never get to practice. mat has invited me down numerous times to practice whenever i want….but i just don’t have time. it’d be nice if i had a place where i could play at whatever hour….but i doubt the people who live in my building would appreciate that. my arms are so out of shape for that stuff. it takes me a half hour just to get warmed up when we play. it’s really frustrating. but soon enough, mat and em will be within ten minutes of me….and the rock will be complete. we will rule baltimore. so be nice to us….you may want to be on a guest list some day.

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