ballard:: mat? curse? i, for one, am shocked

damn those asses were fine.  pilobolus (7k image)Yesterday it snowed as planned. It was such a super nice day. I got to work from home and barely did anything for work. I got to walk around with Emily in the snow and take pictures and walk to the co-op to get groceries. Then we didn’t want to walk back so we took the Ride-On Metro Bus. It was great, cos i hadn’t rode the bus in years. It was all old-school styleeee. So the day was pretty chill…i played on her MAC and she took a nap or two. I ate a great vegan italian club sub as well….super good. I love vegan food to no end. Then at night we got all cultural and went to the Kennedy center to check out this dance group called “Pilobolus Dance Theater”. It wasn’t too bad for dancing people in skin tight outfits. The asses were spectacular and my eyes were glues to them all.

And here’s a poll (thanks Abi), cos i have nothing else better to write about now…

What band…..
Reminds you of an ex-lover: cat stevens
Reminds you of an ex-friend: phish
Makes you cry: trans am
Makes you laugh: spinal tap
You never want to hear again: bjork or the smiths (tie)
Sums up your teenage years: jane’s addiction
You want to get married to: philip glass or brian eno
You like to wake up to: silence
You like out of your parents record collection: dylan, stones, abba, neil diamond
You love that you wouldn’t know about if it wasn’t for a friend: jon spencer blues explosion
Reminds you of your first crush/love: symon asher
Reminds you of your present crush/love: aretha franklin
Makes you think of sex: portishead
Makes you think of being alone: stravinsky
Has only been released recently but you love already: beck’s new one
Perks you up: the flaming lips
Do you love to sing: pretty much all of them regardless of my singing abilities

Oh yeah. This new band called maroon 5 came in to DC101 to play for us in the conference room. At the end they were fooling around and played Nine Inch Nails’ closer in it’s complete entirety (including the 3min instrumental ending)…and in the middle of that, the singer/guitarist was on the table, on his back, humping the guitar, but he dropped his pick and the roadie/manager looking dude jumped from across the room (i didn’t even know he was there) to find it…and after what appeared to be 2 sections of the instrumental he found it. It was totally a SPINAL TAP moment. If only there was a pod.

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