Top 5 Soul Coughing Shows Ever

how many shows?  sebby_doublebass (12k image)01. 07-13-96 9:30 Club Washington DC
– because SC de-virginized me there…and my Grandmother died that week and gave special meaning to hearing them opening with Lazybones, a song i had not yet heard as Irresistible Bliss had not come out or came out that day.

02. 05-31-97 RFK Stadium Washington, DC
– the show was pretty uneventful as it was a stadium show, but this was the night that gentleman jim shoved his tongue down my throat and the the first night we all smoked the herbals together and talked about jeff buckley and lars talked about studios and live sound and make very memorable hand movements that were shaped like boxes.

03. 04-25-98 UMBC- Quadmania 98 Baltimore, MD
– this was the first show i drove more than 10 hours to see and Los Amigos remembered us and Doughty “bellowed” for me in True Dreams the night before. I was walking on the sunshine. I was feeling it. …it was the first time i saw tension in the band, first hand…i bonded with mark for the first time here and he gave my friends lots of candy

04. 10-30-98 Middle TN State Univ. Murfreesboro, TN
– simply for the fact that the whole college thought i brought Soul Coughing to the school…who knows if i even had any factor in it…but i did bug mark for almost 12 months to come play my school, so who knows. and for the fact that the show was on it and we all smoked pot on the tour bus while yuval played loud drum and bass music that i heard for the first time and mark and me talked about christian marclay and the nyc no-wave scene and allison gave him a squash

05. 08-12-99 9:30 Club Wasihngton, DC
– Mark said after the show that this show was simply “Religious”. And it was… It seemed to me that they appeared to be playing for the first time ever. Like sex for the first time. But in fact it was their 5th to last show ever. At least I was there, got some good photos from the balcony and have a good DAT of it.

Goddam i need to go outside or something…

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