dangling in the tournefortia.

the curtain. (11k image)i‘m walking down the street…and i pass by this small gallery. it has bukowski’s face on a small poster and it says “today only.” stunned….i walk in. it turns out, it is an exhibit of his drawings. i had no idea that there was even a tour of his collection going around. so i start looking around….and i’m just amazed. his drawings are pretty juvenile, but they say so much to me. maybe i identify with them too much. and i suppose that says something about me. i don’t know if this is good or bad.

so as i’m walking around….this cute girl comes up to me and says the only thing she sees when she looks at these drawings is the truth. my heart melts on the spot….and i can’t think of anything to say. we start talking about the first time we read his work….and we realize that we identify with him for the same reasons. she then tells me that she is the one who put this show together. it’s not a tour….it’s just a one off. she couldn’t afford to promote the show….as she spent a majority of her money just putting the show together. but she networked with her friends and got a good turnout.

she asked if i wanted to stay to help her clean up after the show, so i did. we sat around waiting for the last of the folks to leave…and we talked about music. she’s into a lot of old punk and jazz. she’s also an artist. she tells me about how she traveled after college….and how she was never sure that she ever wanted to be anything. she told me that she finally came to the conclusion that it didn’t matter. the only point is to do what makes you happy. i fell in love with her when she said that.

we cleaned up….and i invited her to come to the show mat and i were playing the following evening. i explained what we do…and she seemed very excited about seeing us. she showed up the following night…and i spotted her in the front row after we started the first song. she stared at me the entire time…and it made me nervous. we finished the set and she came backstage. we didn’t really say much to each other….we just smiled. she came home with me that night….and that’s how it all began.

i guess that’s the story i’d like to tell one day. maybe one day….

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