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dianedancing (63k image)
So tonight (or last night) was Elliot’s Non-Denomenational Concert. The opening band was this Guns ‘n Roses cover band. Pretty swell if you ask me…all my station peeps were totally waxing nostalgic. And the lead singer’s name was Blaxl Rose. He was a super nice man and in fact the whole band was incredibly nice. Regretfully, the most interesting part of their set was their pregnant friend who was on stage dancing the whole time. I think i was mezmorized.

theexies1 (44k image)
After a shitty band came the Exies. (see above picture) They were pretty darn good. Nothing special (however i think i will pick up their cd as i think it could grow on me big time), but nothing as bad as the band before. I wont even bother putting their pictures up. They sounded like they never got over the fact that Primus and Faith No More broke up. Dude, get over it. No one cares anymore. And did anyone really ever?

theexies2 (63k image)
Another pictures of the Exies. I just liked it. So there.

katmat (26k image)
Since everyone at work is under the impression i am never in pictures, Kat insisted that I be in a shot with her. How could i resist with a hat like that. Anyways…

elliot_leeann (22k image)
Elliot and LeeAnn hanging out in VIP…and of course Elliot is wearing his new tshirt and LeeAnn is sending BillyBread the love.

kristen_jason_jeremiah (32k image)
My old DC101 schoolers from back in the day. Kristen (Mike’s elusive past-tense love interest, or not…who the fuck knows), Jason (Emily’s love interest and yeah, check out that coat) and Jeremiah (Mat’s love interest…he’s actually my clone)

audience (39k image)
A cheap slow sync shot of the audience waiting for the Everclear.

everclear1 (56k image)
Not a big fan of the Art D. or the Everclear. His band wasnt all that killer tonight and Mike agreed with me as he’s seen them before. I honestly cant even remember if i’ve seen them. Is that pathetic?! And not that I expected to be blown away. It was just very cool of Art to even do the show, on the other hand, cos the audience loved it. Eh…

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