dc101elliot:: so fuck this guy

emily_snowday (18k image)Last weekend was pretty chill. Saturday Daniel and myself did Silver Sessions with just us two. It was really good. There is something dope about just a duo. Something about the synergy that is greater than with more players. But dreadfully enough we are going to need more players. Sucks Bo couldnt make it to rehearsal though. Maybe next time. Maybe? We’re still on the lookout for a 2nd bassist (no pick playing) who can play analog synths. Anyone know anyone? Becca? You know a lot of musicians…hook a brother up! Anyways… After rehearsal I picked up Emily and we met my ‘rents at Emily’s and my soon-to-be new house to sorta do a dry run through the house inspection. Luckily since my Father has been in the Construction Industry for over 30 years he has a good eye for building construction. And even more so, he found very little, if anything, that needs to be done. We’re still going to have it professionally inspected by one of his friends, in a few months. After checking out the house and brainstorming about how we’re going to drywall the attic to build my recording studio (Skylab Studios v3) we headed out to the diner. It was pretty chill. We all talked about family politics with all of our families. My Parents totally crack me up. After the diner we went our separate ways and met up with Daniel at his chill apartment and to do record label stuff… Honestly we didnt get much done, but still had a good time. I think i get most stuff done efficiently on my own time. However, I love his apartment and the soundtracks he creates.

Sunday I cant remember what we did until after dinner when we went over to Emily’s friend Ben’s place for a Christmas get together. The whole Sputnik restaurant crew was there. Maria and Bill and Dave. Dave is always Dave. We dont agree on politics, but i still like him cos he holds his ground on everything. And Bill and Maria are great when they arent at work cos they arent stressed about work and have time to just chill with you. It’s not to say they arent fun at work. I just understand they are at “work” and that is their priority. So that was fun and the food was just a pleasure. It’s nice the drama is down to a healthy minimum with that whole crew.

Monday was Elliot’s Christmas Party…the opening band was this Guns ‘n Roses cover band. The sad thing was that if the real GnR (the Axl Rose Experience) actually played that nite too, the cover band still most likely would have been better. They even had this pregnant dancer on stage who i was momentarily obsessed with. And the singer’s name was Blaxl Rose. You gotta love that. Take pictures of that band was kinda boring. The Exies were the most energetic and i got some good shots of them. Everclear looked like they had a good time, but didnt really yield great pictures for me. Also not the best band live, but it didnt look like the audience cared.

And yesterday we had this icestorm. I woke up a little later than scheduled cos i called the work weather line at 6am and it said we didnt have to come in if our streets were bad. I kinda assumed our streets were bad then Laura and myself watched the news for a little bit and confirmed my theory. But then 11am turned around and i got antsy, plus i had a lot of fun stuff to do at work, so i decided to brave it. And to my suprise the roads were fine. A-ok. What a scam. Goddam Bob Ryan and his toupe.

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  • it’s the soundtrack to my life…..it’s very hallmark-holiday-special-esque….like any good soundtrack is….

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