batterie music.

i've got no strings. (12k image)

i sat there in front of them….my feet were not touching the ground. it was magic. i had seen my father play them many times before….and it was the most beautiful sound i had ever heard. i knew there was something about them that i had to know. that i had to be. i held the sticks in my hands….and they were bigger than my arms. i couldn’t work any of the pedals….so i just starting hitting stuff. crash! boom! bam!! lovely!

that’s how it all began. i would come home from school….drop all of my stuff on the floor as i ran downstairs into the basement. my folks had this killer record collection….so i would put on different albums and just play along. jackson brown….running on empty. led zepplin….houses of the holy. steely dan….pretzel logic. i couldn’t get enough. i spent hours…..HOURS…..listening to every nuance that these drummers played. i would turn it up way loud so i could hear exactly what they were doing….and what they were not doing. it was my first true love….and i was only ten years old.

while all of my friends were out and about doing whatever normal kids do….i was sitting on that throne practicing. and it never stopped. i guess by now i can count the hours spent practicing by years. i’m sure i wouldn’t even know how to begin counting it. it’s like i just understand it. and it’s weird….there isn’t anything else in my life that is like that. i can’t figure out women. i don’t know what i want to do with my job. i don’t understand the people in my family. and there are only three or four people in my life that i can count on to be there when i really need them. but when i sit down behind those drums….everything is in it’s right place.

all is well when i’m playing. i feel right. and i certainly hope all of you have something like that in your life. it’s a wonderful feeling. i wish i could have it all of the time. i would even go as far to say that it’s better than sex. well….from what i remember sex being like, that is.

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