(29dec2002) :: finis coronat opus – monsiii v8

coming soon to a one stop near you - monsiiib (17k image)
01 pollux 06:33.53
02 adhara 06:43.09
03 procyon 06:43.22
04 kentarus 03:51.72
05 castor 05:17.54
06 sirius 08:25.34
07 shaula 02:52.31
08 hadar 02:11.57
09 canopus 04:09.04
10 vega 06:22.63
11 capella 03:59.45
12 deneb 06:21.61


mons:: stimulus frequency for the localization of sound in space
recorded and mixed by mons at skylab studios
fall 2000 – winter 2002
mastered and edited by mons at mir studios

all songs written by mons
and performed by mons, except
02 bells:: d harvie
04 vocoder:: j roland
06 voice:: n armstrong, j lovell, g cernan, g beeler, n dorsey, zut
10 voice:: feetnik
05 10 theremin:: nova
02 04 10 12 drums:: d harvie

all songs published by
olympus mons music (bmi)

love:: mom and dad, d harvie, e le[…], j herndon, m degliantoni, j dungan, s pollack, paia, j handelsman, k mattus, b bailey, k runett, e rohman, l kaneff, j chvotkin, c merriner, polaroid co, continental tape machines, j delaney, a&z shipley and om crew

design:: spoon media

quamquam tale sollumne imprimis ad iuventutis usumaptum est, tamen temperata quopueaestas temporum practeritorum memor hoc loco libenter perhoram quandam exsultat

(c) 2002 mons, all rights reserved
(p) 2003 olympus mons records
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