new york new york i wont go back

insidecolage (11k image)I dont know what it is about New York. Everyone and their mother seems to live there at one point in their life if not forever. And I seem to end up there at least a half dozen times a year. I keeps sucking me back. Is it the piss smell of the subway? Is it the street musicians? Is it the masses of tourists? Is it the things to buy that kills my credit cards? Is it the New Yorkers that all have a chip on their shoulder? Is it idea of mass saturated consumption? Is it the pollution? Is it the just plain dirty factor? I dont know what it is. It’s not a place i could ever see myself living in. It’s not Mat. It’s just too much of everything for me. However i seem to always hate going there. But i also always end up having a great time. It’s like dabbling in cocaine without ever getting truely addicted. I will hopefully never ever have to be like everyone else and live there, but visiting always proves to be a good time.

My trip to NY this time was a fruitful one, and i am finally understanding the geography of the stanky place. Even after having zero sleep before New Years i had a good new years with all of Emily’s friends in Chelsea. The party was pretty swank and everyone had a good time. And after we went to some random bar to see this cover band play old disco songs from the 70s. And randomly they covered a Black Sabbath cut that was pretty funny. Sure the guitarist was good, but it made me not want one in my band that much more. And after that hoopla we tried getting a cab at 4am while it was raining and it took for fucking ever. We finally hit the bed around 5am. It was ungodly. It never felt so good to be in the horizontal position.

Wednesday we didnt go a damn thing. And it was kinda a nice change for something in New York. Billy was hung over and literally was looking like the hunch back of notre dame. We ordered chinese food and just talked. And then at night we went to the neighborhood theatre and saw Gangs of New York. Kinda gorey, but still a good movie.

Thursday we had to deal with moving the car around as the parking schedules are all out of wack in NY. We finally got to go downtown to Manhanntan and made out mecca to B&H Photo. This place was completely an orgasm for me. Anything and everything was there. And it was run my the scary Hassids. Talis were everywhere. And one helped me pick out a developing tank for my large format (4×5) pinhole camera’s film. They were super nice and helpful. We also looked at larger enlargers and studio lighting and i picked up a book on pin hole cameras. They whole system there was completely awesome. You never carried product on the floor. You’d give it to an employee and they’d put it in this bucket that would get carried off in to the ceiling on a conveyor belt. And when you checked out they’d grab everything from the bucket. It was incredible. After B&H we stopped by this Props place. It was under NBC and HBO’s studios. I got this 1930’s RCA/Victrola record player thing for $30 fucking dollars. We also got a chase lounge for virtually nothing. The shipping was more than we paid for the lounge, it was that cheap. And then we found out the chair was worth over $2700 and was designed by some hoity toity designer we had only vaguely heard of. It is crushed yellow cordoroy and it’s totally something you’d see in edward scissor hands. We also got some maize yellow chairs for our kitchen table. This place rocked and now me and Emily are going to watch the HBO to see where our chair was used.

Thursday night we chilled in Rye with the aunt and uncle and i got to see my cousin. It’s always a treat seeing them as they are funny as shit and always feed us great food. And at night we played on their new 17″ I-Mac that i drooled all over.

Friday we went to see my cousin Marisa for lunch. It was nice catching up with her. It’s just great having a family that is so normal and funny and down to earth. And after seeing her we hit the normal stores. I got some shoes and some gloves and a hat and a wool sweater and a scarf and Emily picked up two pairs of shoes. It had been our mission to find Emily shoes for ever now. So it was great she got two pairs let alone one pair. And they are made my Catipillar. Yeah, the company that makes construction vehicles. Fucking cool.

So yeah, NYC is still overrated for me. But visiting it a buttload of times during the year is killer in my book. And my girlfriend rules. She is the queen of directions. She is the queen.


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