daniel.:: i need to know who my fans are!!

heather_pb (17k image)Yeah, sometimes redheaded Playboy Playmates can totally be hot and especially when they come up to you asking if people ever come up to me asking if people say i look like Jason Lee. Damn that was a confusing mouthful. What the hell are you supposed to say to that? Especially when people *do* say that. “Yeah, people do say that a lot. You are very insightful. No shit, you are a biologist.” So goddamn funny. So yeah, most people who pose nude are complete idiots. And the ugly ones should never do in-studios. Cos people can tell your ugly. Remember a lot of makeup equates to being ugly. I am pretty set on the fact that makeup is for ugly people. Yeah, Charis – yer not good looking in person. Put a bag on it and try putting some life in to your upper lip. It’s looking pretty lifeless and dead these days. And then maybe you could form a complete sentence that way. But bring back your friend Heather, she’s ok.

us: my god, his hi-hat skillz are sickening!
them: he’s so dreamy.

us: is that a double rectifier with a triple humbucker on a 58 gibson?
them: i just *love* that song – he’s so cute.

us: yeah, that is a 1973 classic clear blue vistalite kit.
them: do you think the singer will run away with me?

us: is he using active pickups on the rick?
them: did justin dye his hair?

us: do you hear the 7th harmonic in her vocal harmony at about 19.5khz?
them: justin did dye his hair!

us: it is the sk5. fucking ay.
them: my one-hundred posters of justin are better than yours

us: get up on your feet and do the funky alfonzo
them: i just want to touch his hair. he’s so dreamy.

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