nothing else matters.

metallica! (6k image)last night….i was in class working on my web project. a few weeks ago, i had done the storyboards for the site….and i had everything already planned. i thought i knew exactly how i wanted it…..but as i started putting the pieces together… just didn’t look the way i had seen it in my mind. after surfing some of my favorite band and label sites….it hit me. so i had to scrap everything i had already done. my proposal….my flow chart and storyboards….all of my graphics and code…..damn. i wish i had thought of this weeks ago. but no sweat….i was so hyped that i figured it out. so i left class an hour early….we were working on our projects anyway….and i had to get home to redo my proposal, which is due tomorrow night. so i started it last night and then finished it today at work….and i also used powerpoint to do the flowchart. i’ve never used powerpoint before….so it took me a few minutes to figure it out. but it’s pretty simple….and i got it done. now i don’t have any work to do tonight when i get home. defy the man. and yes… is coming soon.

in other news….there isn’t any news really. i finally heard mat’s latest version of mons iii…..which is so funny to me. it’s never going to be finished. we’ll put it out…..but it’ll never be finished. i’m waiting for him to ask me to get him a sandbox so he can feel the beach while he’s mixing the album. god damn musicians. it’s ok though…..wait until we start my album. he’ll be sorry then. oh….and i invented this new thing for our kits. mat and i are both left handed….but he plays his kit right handed….cause he’s retarded….and i’m normal and play my kit correctly. so i have this double pedal for my bass drum….which i don’t use because my name isn’t lars…..anymore. anyway….i brought it back from philly over the holidays and we hooked it up to his bass drum. and now it extends from his kick to mine. so i have two bass drums now…..two different sized bass drums, that is. so now it’s fours snares and two bass drums. it rocks. and i know my kit must look absolutely ridiculous now. but wait until silver sessions plays live. then you’ll understand.

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