sounds like you’re talking about a poo…

Heather is still hotter and Cheris still needs two bags on her head.   Cynthia Arroyo (19k image)polly: go ahead matty
mat: styx = annoying idiot drama people from high school who loved signing every line verbatim from the monty python’s holy grail.
mat: journey = separate ways
mat: you cant f with that
polly: wait i didn’t know we were gonna bash styx!
polly: babe is the greatest love song of all time
liverboy: babe = open arms
polly: babe is so much better
liverboy: they both suck
mat: styx and their fans make me want to puke
liverboy: styx = journey = suck
mat: unless it’s their name on a belt buckle
polly: with styx on it
polly: i have pictures
mat: NO SHIT!
mat: where�s Daniel?
liverboy: this is all scary to me
polly: mat is scary
polly: i know… i have to live with him
mat: hey now…whatever RATT girl!
liverboy: ratt sucks too
mat: big time
polly: then why do you own the ratt 45 mr mat?
mat: it’s mine?
polly: you bought it
mat: for YOU, punk ass!
mat: ungrateful bastige!
polly: oh yeah
polly: hehehehe
mat: who has the relative with the styx belt, you punk?
polly: don’t f with my brother
mat: in my family you would be “taken care of” for a stunt like that
polly: he’ll take you down
mat: uh huh.

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