c u next tuesday and watch hardcore celebs

executive perks - eltigre2 (13k image)One thing I never thought I would ever get in to was studio photography. It was just too clinical and hospital-like and white-tile-freshly-comet-ed for me. I need it just a little bit rough around the edges. A little dirt under the nail. A little less controlled. But since we’ve been contracted for a handful of studio gigs coming up soon I’ve decided to learn up on studio equipment and all that is entailed with such an aspect of photography. Luckily Emily is pretty well versed in this, but it’s actually turning out to be quite interesting. I’ve been messing around with different combinations of studio strobes and umbrellas and sploofs or whatever they call those focusing things and changing to half power on the box, for example. I am changing the heights and the angles. All this change actually makes a difference with the flash meter. It’s like geek shit. And it’s getting pretty exciting with how much control you can have. It’s just interesting to me, as i’ve only really enjoyed taking shots of bands at concerts and shows and those things I had little control over, except for predicting the shot. This only got better the more and more i shot bands and was that much easier after I saw the same band over and over. This new aspect of photography is an empowering aspect that is warmly embracing me. Oh yeah, and the money is sick.

So tonight is me and my roomates party. I have a few friends and relatives who will be in town for the anti-war protest, so hopefully they’ll be coming over for the par-tay. It’ll be crazy, i tell you. I dont think i’ve had a swank scheduled party since college. It’s an exciting thing. And i’ve not had my allergy pill all week so i can drink a few beers or wine. Hell, maybe i’ll even smoke some herbal momma. Anyways. It’ll be a great time and it’ll be funny seeing Buddy rock out to the Prince Dance Mix i am working on. Hell it’ll be funny seeing Zander and Buddy grinding together. Gett off.

Shit I really have nothing else say, and I really should be cleaning up the house and doing some productive things to get ready for the party. So i will.

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