village of the sun. part one.

wowie zowie. (26k image)drugs are a funny thing. i never even thought about doing any until i got into college. you know….when i started hanging out with hippies. ha. anyway….i don’t remember the first time i smoked pot. in fact….now that i’m thinking about it….i don’t know if i remember the first time i did any drug. i think it just happened. i started smoking with friends….and i finally realized what my parents had been so into. such a strange way to feel. i had already been drinking by that point….and it was such a one eighty from alcohol. i wasn’t slurring or falling over. i was just one giant grin. walking bliss.

so like commercials and busted celebrities say…..i didn’t see the other things coming. you start to dabble. you get that bug in you that makes you want to try other things. and i did. i never got into anything serious….just your garden variety substances that are abundant in a college environment. most of the time there was always a story to go along with why….how….and when all of these things went down. and one comes to mind. so here it is.

so i’m living in the philadelphia suburbs of lansdale in an apartment with a friend. he worked for the wall….now known as fye. he was part of their inventory team….so he’d travel to stores from new jersey to ohio. he was gone for days at a time….leaving me to entertain myself quite often. now….at some point….we happened to hook up with a good amount of…….well let’s say paper that is best kept fresh in a freezer. so we have this stuff sitting in the house….he’s gone for days at a time….most of my friends were still at school in lancaster….so what’s a boy to do? right. so i started dabbling more than i normally would’ve. and i grew to really enjoy the experience. i had many beautiful nights of painting and writing and listening to music and watching strange films and basically….being fucked up.

here’s where it gets interesting. so my roommate comes home for the weekend. we plan to have a night where we both just get obliterated. i invited another friend over and the evening of dumbness commenced. so everything is going fine….we watched blade runner….and about an hour into it….we all started to feel our hair grow. we started to do that grinding of the teeth….lab rats. the movie ended and we put on zappa’s roxy and elsewhere….not that you need drugs to listen to that album….but when that drum solo kicks in at the end of village of the sun…..YOU KNOW YOU’RE ON DRUGS.

about half way through the album…there’s a knock on the door. two girls enter. i recognize both of them….and i was sort of dating one of them. that’s a story in itself. so they sit down. we turn down the music….we turn up the lights….the three of us are completely out of our heads….and there’s these two cute girls staring at us. they’re both younger and probably didn’t quite understand exactly what we were up to. they had just returned from some trip and they were both wired on about twenty cups of coffee. the girl i was seeing was wearing track pants….but the nylon kind….and her leg was jittering as she sat….and it was rubbing against the other one….making this high pitched rubbing noise…..the three of us sat and stared at her leg….for two reasons. one…..trails, dude. and two….it was driving us fucking bonkers. i thought the maddness would never end.

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