village of the sun. part two.

yoo doo right. (21k image)so here are three completely retarded guys staring….unflinchingly… this girl’s crazy jittery leg. it was a DARE ad in my living room. they were going on and on about their trip and how they drove for hours and hours…only stopping for gas and coffee. i think at one point they contemplated mainlining it. so i get up quickly and go to the bathroom. just to get out of that room of insanity. i throw some water onto my face and try to get a grip. i can hear them all talking normally in the living room. and then i think…..was i the only one freaked out? they sound normal now….maybe it was all in my head. all of these weird colored lights kept going in and out of my vision. i thought i was going to lose it.

i sat down on the toilet to try and regain my composure….and i realized that i was sweating. it was summer and all….but it wasn’t that kind of sweat. i had to get out of the house. i exit the bathroom….walk past my friends….and the girl with the leg gone wild….and walk directly out the front door. not saying anything to anyone. i hear them all start laughing. i walked around the neighborhood for a while. at one point….i really thought i was going to be this way for the rest of my life….that guy who took too many drugs and was just insane for the rest of his life….like a jack nicholson film. then i had an amazing thought…..i’m on drugs. once the reality of this statement set in….the fact that i took these drugs to feel this way…and everything that is happening is suppose to happen because i took these drugs….so if i just cool out….everything will be fine. then i started to come down.

i walked back to the house…and the girls were leaving. i said goodbye and apologized for being a crazy person. they left and i went back in. my friends were there waiting for me….so that they could wet themselves in laughter at what an idiot i really am. it’s ok….i laughed too. i may have even tinkled a bit in that laughter. but i wasn’t the only one who was freaked out by that leg. it was the topic of conversation for the following hour. everything was wonderful again…and like good drug addicts….we put on fantasia to end the evening. the movie ended….i retired to my room….got undressed….and got into bed. i stared at the ceiling and waited for the speed part of the trip to end so i could fall asleep. and eventually…..i did.

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