51 designs that deliver

stanko_still (6k image)Hello all,

I‘m looking for models willing to work pro bono for marketing and publicity shots for an exciting upcoming indie film called Stanko. The film is a satirical tragi-comedy about a Bulgarian pastry chef who brings on the fall of capitalism. Shoots will be both in studio and on the street of Washington DC and are intended to create a paradox between Madison Avenue marketing and the satirical political undertones of the film. Therefore models should have a typical high-fashion look: tall, thin, photogenic. There may be some semi-nudity (a la PETA), although all “essential parts” will be hidden behind other objects in the images. While it is working for free, final prints will be suitable for a portfolio and it is guaranteed to be a lot of fun nonetheless.

If you or anyone you know is interested, please contact me ASAP.

PS. We are planning to shoot primarily on Sunday Feb 2 and later that week in DC.
PPS. Female and Male models are needed.
PPPS. Please pass this to anyone you know you could be interested at all.

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