ugly people are the one’s getting botox

bunsofsteel (14k image)my weekend.

silver sessions with annie and becca
yuan fu’s
vh1 classic
doing nothing for the super bowl
playing drums
people ordering my photography
cleaning my room
doing laundry
catching up on my message board
sleeping in
the future
cyndi lauper
drinking tea with the roomate
om buttons

emily’s cat lulu
that salt shit that gets on your car after they salt for ice
it being 14 degrees outside
people emailing me about jane’s addiction every 5 minutes
not playing my best this weekend with silver sessions
celine dion covering ac/dc
geordie not being alive anymore (roof!)
annie’s sad and sick juno 106
crushing the ice in the pond
silly, immature shit and you know what i am talking about
american idol

2 Responses to “ugly people are the one’s getting botox”

  • thanks for the ‘shout out’
    er…the ‘bark out’
    i’m sure g-dawg appreciated it

  • as much of a pain in the ass he could be, i totally adored him for his perserverance among other things.

    he will sorely be missed.


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