qui vult dare parva non debet magna rogare

assshot (9k image)he who wishes to give little shouldn’t ask for much

Zethon: What are you doing tonight?
Emily: yo mama
Zethon: My mama’s on the rag.
Emily: i know. ilike it that way.
Zethon: Heheh..
Zethon: Come over otnight.
Zethon: er, tonight
Emily: ugh. i’m feeling kinda pooey. i kinda wasn’t planning on leaving the house.
Zethon: Slacker.
Emily: yep.
Emily: make the sun come out so i can have some energy and i’ll come.
Zethon: Ha!
Zethon: You and Amy should go to Happy Hour tomorrow.
Emily: i can’t tomorrow
Zethon: Slacker.
Emily: mat’s leaving work early so he’ll be up here then
Zethon: Come over tonight.
Emily: pick me up
Zethon: Amy misses you to death.
Emily: she can stop by
Zethon: Oh bah.
Emily: happy hour tomorrow is fine as long as she doesn’t mind matbeing there
Zethon: I think the idea was for you and her to hang out.
Zethon: But you have plans, s’coo’.
Emily: sorry, i already had plans
Zethon: Understood.
Zethon: It’s just odd.
Emily: she’s more than welcome to come by after work tonight though
Emily: i really can’t afford to go out anywhere
Emily: but i have beer here
Zethon: Hehehe..
Emily: what’s odd, addy?
Zethon: Eh, I don’t know.
Zethon: You two just don’t do anything anymore.
Emily: well, you guys aren’t exactly convenient anymore.
Emily: and we’re not exactly the best of friends anymore.
Zethon: I don’t think that’s totally the reason.
Emily: what r u getting at?
Zethon: I don’t know. You just don’t have any time, it seems, since you started dating Matt.
Zethon: Even when her and I lived in Bethesda, the two of you still did plenty of things together. But…
Zethon: Eh, I don’t know.
Emily: i think the timing is more coincidental. it’s more like i’m not as willing to go out of my way for her anymore.
Zethon: It’s none of my business.
Zethon: It’s not a matter of going out of your way, but even more so making an effort. Any effort.
Zethon: Then again..
Zethon: The argument could be used that she’s guilty of the same thing.
Emily: exactly.
Zethon: But still, the past month or so, you’ve made 0 effort, whereas it’s seemed as thought she has put forth some.
Emily: she always burns her bridges. yeah, i’ll admit i’m not exactly hopping up and down to spend time with her but it has nothing to do with mat. it has everything to do with her.
Zethon: Eh, it would seem it’s a little of both.
Zethon: Not that that is a bad thing.
Zethon: (ie. Matt occupying your time).
Emily: yes, i had more time on myhands to do stuff when i was single but so did she.
Emily: that’s not exactly a unique situation
Emily: maria was the same way b4 she met bill
Zethon: What do you mean?
Zethon: Always free?
Zethon: Willing to go out?
Emily: and i’m sure you were more social with your friends b4 you met amy
Zethon: Hehe.. I’ve never been social, Em.
Emily: having time to be social with other friends
Emily: well, whatever.
Zethon: I think it hurt her a little how you’ve seemed to be very critical about us moving to Thurmont.
Zethon: But you know what..
Zethon: All I’m saying is making you out to be a “bad friend”. And your friendship with her is actually business between the two of you.
Zethon: I don’t know why I try to step in.
Zethon: I suppose I just see the result and want to do whatever I can.
Zethon: It is odd though, we’ve been living there over a month and you haven’t even come to see the place. :/.
Emily: yeah well.
Emily: i’m not the one who moved so far away
Zethon: Not the point.
Emily: exactly the point
Zethon: So, in other words..
Emily: sorry if i’m not jumping up and down to make a 2-1/2 hr round trip drive to hang out for a couple hrs
Zethon: She’s suppose to go out of her way to your friend, where you are not expected to make any effort?
Zethon: Come spend the night? Hang out, sheesh. It’s not like we haven’t driven out of our way to hang out with you.
Emily: whatever, addy. i’m not the one who fucke dup the friendship.
Zethon: But you are really making no effort to mend it.
Emily: why should i?
Emily: i’ve gine out of my way for her a zillion times over the years.
Zethon: Because she’s a friend, and I believe she’s made an effort, even though it has gotten littel reciprocation.
Zethon: You’re right, I don’t know the entire history between you two.
Emily: you know, i understand you’re trying to be supportive and helpful and whatnot, but i really dont appreciate the guilt trip
Zethon: Not giving one, just stating things how I see it.
Emily: well, i think it was more accurate when you said it was none of your business
Zethon: Probably.
Zethon: I understand she over-reacted over two months ago, but it seems like you won’t let it go.
Emily: yeah, well, she wanted to be hurtful and she was. why should i trust her?
Zethon: I’m not asking you to jump back into the friendship like nothing ever happened. But make an effort, or if you’re not interested just say so.
Emily: addy, i’d appreciate it if you didn’t tell me how to run my relationships with people.
Emily: if you’re tired of hearing thats she has no friend anymore and no one makes an effort to spend time wiht her, maybe take a minute to think about how she got into that situation.
Zethon: Hehe.. well, someone should, because it seems like all you know how to do is hold grudges.
Emily: i’m not holding a grudge addy. but i’m not a fool either. i got burned and i’m, not about to jump back into the fire
Emily: if she wants to spend time with me when mat’s not here then it seems to me the logical thing would be for her to come by on a weekday since she alrdady works in baltimore rather than expect me to drive out there
Zethon: Yes, because the world revolves around Emily!
Zethon: My god, when did you become so damn arrogant?
Emily: i really suggest you drop this subject right now.
Zethon: Fine. It’s just stupid to see a friendship disolve over something so trivial. I suppose it’s a female thing.
Emily: addy, you can think whatever you want. i really dont give a shit.
Zethon: As you shouldn’t. Go on living in your grude-filled little world. Whatever works for you.
Emily: drop it addy.

Yes, I still have a so-called friend of a few years who can’t get it through his thick skull that my name has one “t” in it. Damn pothead. For those less fortunate:: My name has been spelled with one “t” since High School. The other “t” is with the “thew” part of my full name. Think about it.

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