you’re not as confused as nigel is

nigel tufnel - nigelt (4k image)If Nigel Tufnel ever went to and registered:

Describe Yourself: it’s a mach piece.
Person You would like to meet: janine in dubly.
Type of relationship you would like to create: i am skipping this one because it’s stupid.
What you feel contributes to a successful relationship: artie fufkin.
What do you do best? i envy us.
Things that turn you on: eleven.
Things that turn you off: ten.
Who are your role models?: mozart and bach. and see above for why.
How do you define love? lick my love pump.
What is your description of a fun date? see above, stonehenge – where the demons dwell.
What car best describes your personality and why? this is what i would look like on the insides. but not green.
What personal achievements are your proud of? stonehenge being endangered of being trampled by a midget.
What type of work do you do? we tap on in to america. the hoestess with the mostess.
What is your dating philosophy? you cant play the part cos of your f’ing wife.
What are your strengths and weaknesses? mime is money.
Describe your most embarrassing moment: no were not bloody well doing stonehenge tomorrow.
What is your most annoying habit: putting gum on my finger.
What is your cutest habit: cocaine.
Where do you see yourself in 5 years? the musical version of jack the ripper in saucy jack.

I need to stop watching the VH1 Classic.

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