why is he stroking the ac hose?

i am sure jeremiah is hating life - jeremiah_ladies (18k image)lolly: Click here
lolly: rob halford sighting!
mat: dude.
lolly: 🙂
mat: do u think halford is the messiah?
lolly: yes
mat: good answer,
lolly: look what allison just sent me
mat: she wrote me too!
lolly: Link
lolly: we are so watching this tomorrow
mat: yes!
mat: u have to be a subscriber to watch the movie
mat: 🙁
lolly: what movie?
mat: the jacko movie
lolly: but its on tv tomorrow!
lolly: patience little one 🙂
mat: i stroke it to the east
mat: i stroke it to the woman i love the best
lolly: i be strokin!
mat: 🙂
lolly: stroke it clarence carter, but don’t you stroke too slow!

And here’s an interesting article. My view on that is that people have to be responsible for their own actions. Plain and simple.

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