a night in these rooms.

the blossom filled streets. (11k image)spring will be here in two weeks. what the fuck? time is flying by….and yet….it seems to lag. i don’t understand. this is also the time of year when i change my life. i do it every year either in february or march….whether i want to or not. it just happens. so i wasn’t surprised when i found out i was losing my job….or when i found out silver sessions might be playing it’s first show soon….or when i met a girl who is incredibly sweet and wonderful. well….maybe a bit surprised about that last one.

last weekend….i pretty much spent all of my time with joanna. our schedules are so busy….i think we both know that if we have a chance to see each other….we have to. which is fine….she has her life and i have mine. and i’m happy that she’s so supportive of everything i’m trying to do right now. she’s incredibly patient with me….as my ability to verbalize what’s going on isn’t nearly as good as….say….my ability to perform neurosurgery. so i am thankful. it’s already been two weeks. my sense of time is completely warped when i’m with her, too. i’ve been late for work quite a few times these past weeks….no wonder i’m getting fired. but we’re still in the beginnings….we’re allowed to be self absorbed. it’s about time.

sunday was silver sessions. i keep changing my mind about what our concentration should be. i think we need to have one….as neither of us are proficient songwriters. and to sit and play for hours and hours is fine…..but not when we’re trying to play shows and release records. we need more discipline. maybe if i had a whip to keep mat in line….but i think he’d like that too much. anyway….we may be playing our first show very soon. we expect all of you to come. you can sleep on my floor if need be. i’ll feed you soy milk and let you play with my ray charles doll. please?

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