pessimist, underachiever or a chronic failure

yeah yeahs.  andreea (16k image)I get bouncebacks at work when people’s emails are funky or just are simply not liked. This one came back cos of a auto-generated thank you email for joining the wesite i do at work. I got this one today and laughed outloud.

Trend SMEX Content Filter has detected sensitive content.

Place = Anderson, MXXXXXX (GEI, GEFA); ;
Sender =
Subject = Welcome to DC101.COM!
Delivery Time = March 24, 2003 (Monday) 15:51:17
Policy = Sexual Discrimination
Action on this mail = Quarantine message

Warning message from administrator:
Notice: A message you sent appears to have violated GE Financial Assurance email policies for inappropriate language or content and may not have been received by the recipient.

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