pretzel logic.

peg. (22k image)this weekend….i’m going back home to philadelphia. i’m really looking forward to it….as i haven’t seen my family since december. i’ve talked to them…..but when we talk….we don’t really talk. it’s more of an interview. they ask questions….and i answer them….without divulging too much information to make me look like the wrong candidate for the job as their son. this has been the protocol since i was a teenager. i love them to death….but our ill communication is beyond repair. i think.

but….i actually have things to report when i go home. there has actually been significant activity in my life in the past months. i know my father….being a drummer as well….will be very excited to hear about the first silver sessions show. he might even drive down to see us. i always get nervous when i play in front of him. he’s a good drummer. he’s the one who got me started on this journey. but at some point….i passed him. he never had any instructors….he’s self taught. he’s played in numerous bands over the years. he used to be a hippie. and somewhere…..deep down….past his bmw and his job at ibm….he still is. and he can rock it.

the biggest news i have to report when i go home is about joanna. i don’t even know how to approach the topic. i haven’t talked about or introduced any of the girls i’ve been seeing to my family since college. basically….because i haven’t been serious about any of them. but this is different. and i’m convinced that they think i’m either gay or asexual. only because i don’t talk about it. and i know they’re concerned. and that’s something else we won’t discuss. it’s like an olympic event to watch us skirt around sensitive topics. but i want to tell them about joanna. i want them to meet her. i want them to know that i’m ok. i want them to see how wonderful she is. and why i’m falling for her so hard.

so maybe this will be a turning point in my life with my family. maybe i’ve changed so much in the past seven months….that i’ll finally be able to talk to my parents like a normal person. maybe we can all sit down and be happy without an argument. maybe.

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