lets see, what did I do all day?

more pussy than you could handle - joseyandthepussycats (17k image)Why my GF rocks me:

  • she’s not in san francisco anymore
  • she worked out a better deal with mark d than planned for omr
  • she takes photographs with me
  • she smells good
  • she makes me laugh until i have a little pee leakage
  • she has three pussies
  • she can cook a burger like no one’s business
  • she’s not conservative
  • she has more dreams than me
  • she speaks more than two languages
  • she can read, and lots
  • she has a political radio show
  • she designed the best website ever
  • she fell in love with takoma park, too
  • she has hobbies
  • she keeps my head up high
  • she has no social disorders
  • she likes funkadelic
  • she likes polaroids, like i do
  • she gets along great with my music life partner
  • she’s my own personal gps system, in more ways than one

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