6 + 6 + 1 + 4 + 2 = 667 (neighbor of the beast)

you make me feel like chester thompson - zappa_yell (5k image)I got home yesterday around 7ish. I was feeling nasty and wanting to let my bowels have their way. Then I got a call from an excited Emily. I knew i was in for something good. As when i hear her call me with that voice, i usually try and run the other direction cos I know it’s gonna cost us both. Turns out there was a house in Takoma Park that was open. It was a two bedroom single family house with a basement. I went over to pick her up and we went to 2nd Street to check it out. This is what it has:

1. Screened in front porch
2. Hardwood floors
3. Basement for darkroom and skylab studios
4. Brand new fridge
5. Central heat/air
6. Huge back yard for gardening
7. Brick oven/grill on the deck
8. Washer & dryer in the basement
9. Garbage disposal
10. Gas Oven
11. It’s a 5 minute walk to the Metro
12. We can walk to the co-op
13. We can walk to Mark’s Kitchen
14. It’s Takoma Park and it’s beutiful
15. Nuclear-free that you bitch!
16. I’ll have a DC mailing address and it’s not ghetto!
17. I am feeling more proud than ever

So it’s pretty much ours, we just have to finish the details and it’s a done deal. It was a great day last night. Emily made me chicken for dinner and I didnt pooh it right after. Things are getting better in the ways of Mat’s pooh. Hurrah. Maybe I was just getting an ulcer from all this house hunting…

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