up in her eyes.

new lands. (21k image)so it’s been a while since i’ve posted. but i feel like i have nothing new to say. my life seems to consist of four things. silver sessions….olympus mons records….work….and joanna. and that’s fine with me. it keeps me more than occupied. and i’m happy. i think i may be happier than i’ve ever been. all of the things i’ve wanted are happening now. it’s strange. to think that a year ago….i didn’t think any of this was possible. but now it’s here. it’s awfully surreal.

so in my spare time….i daydream. i think about how all of these things will turn out. i wonder if silver sessions will turn into a real band. i wonder if we’re going to start playing out often. i wonder if people will even like what we’re doing. i think about how our live shows will sound. i have hours and hours of practice recorded on my minidisc….and most of it sounds really good to me. there is a lot of wanking. but that happens when a band is trying to find itself. and i hear progress. i hear us getting tighter. and i think we show a lot of promise. but i’m biased. i think we rock. now i just want to know what everyone else thinks.

i wonder if the record label will be able to do everything we want it to do. it’s taken a long time to get where we are. i remember our first meeting a couple of years ago at la madeline’s with al and elle and everyone. we’ve come a long way from then. and i think we may be sitting on a big release. it may be something that allows us to work on all the other projects we’re hatching. it’s just hard to imagine that it’s happening now. years of hard work are about to pay off. we hope.

and i met this grrl. she’s incredibly wonderful. this thursday will be our two month anniversary. very strange. it feels like i just met her…..and it feels like i’ve been seeing her for more than two months. maybe it’s because of the change in seasons. but every day i seem to learn something else about her. it’s all of the little things. something as simple as the way she sings to every song she knows. or the way she worries about things. or the way she looks when she sleeps. and it’s the way her hand touches my back when we’re walking around guilford on a sunday morning that makes me realize how happy i really am.

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