i’m too amused by mark kaye & allyson butler’s emails

farthinder (8k image)Things you should be doing to better yourself. Well first of all you should be leaving work right now to see A Mighty Wind. I saw this movie monday night with Emily and some work friends at a screening. It was done by the Spinal Tap peeps and Eugene Levy. I am not much for reviewing movies, so i will save you the horror. Simply put, the Tap boys are at it again. There were even some really subtle plays to Spinal Tap. Our boys are hot. And you cant really dust for vomit. Go see it.

10% raise? I love that my girlfriend is making almost twice my salary! Maybe she’ll buy me another car. I’d like a hearse, please.

So the weirdest thing happened last night after I got home from work. There are always hang up calls on my answering machine as people are retarded. That and the fact that our answering machine says, “Hello, you’ve reached Derek and Nigel, leave a message after the beep.” So I presume some people get a little confused. So this man left a message last nite and it just said, “Derek and Nigel? Huh?” – So i didnt think much of it. I went to check the mail a little while later and this dude who looks like the father in all the pictures in the house i am housesitting, drives by with a small child (maybe 9 years old) in the passenger seat. Er?

So it turns out it was Donald. The father of the house i am sitting. So funny how you can live in someone’s house for almost a year and see their picture daily and only meet them months later. So he was originally scheduled to come home from Agentina the next week, but i guess he made it here earlier. He was super cool. It wasnt even his house as it seemed, he was a guest in my house. So yeah, Donald rocks. Foreign Service man. Good stuff.

And shortly after he left Daniel came by for some Silver Sessions synth-wars. It was a fucking good practice. Perhaps the best one yet. And today it is Wednesday. It’s hump day. Emily got a raise and I got a bin of Jelly Belly Jelly Beans and a 2 ghz computer. Eh…i’d rather have that raise now. And tonight is the first night of Passover. I love this holiday cos the food rocks me! Yum.

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