extending the pitch antenna

yeah.  one thing i luckily never got in to - dungeons (7k image)I am on a theremin list serve. Yeah, I admit it. Yeah, i am not the coolest kid on the block sometimes, but still. I have learned some pretty damn cool things being on the list. So as some of you know I am building a theremin doorbell. I ran in to a snag with extending the pitch antenna. And i posted the question of extending the pitch antenna on the list serve. Shortly after i got this reply:

Normally I am a kind and patient man and generally entertain new and innovative ideas concerning the theremin However, when an individual, such as yourself, audaciously enters a highly respected website, composed of the most ardent and devoted theremin devotees, and tries to relegate this most beautiful and challenging of instruments into a God damned door bell, I suggest you go elsewhere for your nonsense. If you have legitimate questions on the purchase, construction, or playing technique pertinent to the theremin, I would welcome them and welcome you.
Uncle Howie MOSSMANHOWARD@aol.com

Now normally i’d be pretty pissed off, but obviously this schmuck hasnt done his history and doesnt realize that Leon did originally use his theremin for home security. So a doorbell would not be that off. So in his ignorance I let it slide. What ever. Luckily after that “let’s never look outside the box” Howie kid posted, there were over a dozen other more positive people trying to help me out. People are really funny. But i got a doorbell and Howie has his mother to answer the door.

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  • ugh! what’s up with ignorant egocentric people today?! lovely way to start the day, isn’t it?

  • today? reagardless.

    my day was started at 8.30 and spending a little over an hour mulching the front yard!

    i really need to quit my job, cos there is so much going on on 2nd street during the day!


  • woo! look at you! maybe you can be my stay-at-home bitch… 😉

  • ha! i love when people take the internet seriously….


  • man, some people! i mean, wouldn’t this guy love a theremin doorbell? he’s just pissed either because he didn’t think to do it first or his theremin penis enlarger didn’t ‘make it big’ like he’d hoped it would.

    people are so silly.

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