do you want to watch the documentary

i wonder if thurston will mind me sampling him - lomo_rocket (11k image)Things done today:

  • woke up to mulligan pawing my head
  • did mad cleaning
  • replaced a cover on an outlet
  • i sat on the orange chair and emily’s father was on the couch and we all chatted for a bit
  • then they went to hit the streets of dc for father’s day
  • worked on the victrola a bit
  • read up on optoisolators and capacitance
  • watched the rain
  • played with mulligan
  • listened to philip glass and some brazilian music from 1969
  • worked on the akai s2000
  • called feetnik back
  • went to staples
  • picked up some business organizing stuff
  • small talked with the cashier about the weather
  • had a great rehearsal with the silver sessions
  • listened back to it afterwards, in it’s entirety
  • cooked a great meal of mushrooms, saitan, brocolli, rice, honey, ginger, garlic and soy sauce
  • did mad laundry
  • hung up a photograph
  • hung up jesus and mary in the bathroom
  • washed the duvet
  • checked out our evite for the housewarming
  • thank goodness we have a full house to ourselves and can accomodate people
  • read up on organic mulch
  • had a good pooh
  • cleaned up the study from all my clothes on the floor
  • organized my foot apparel
  • going to go watch a documentary on nico now

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  • my god, I can’t belive you guys are ready for a party all ready. I’ve been in my house for just a week and it is still trashed…and will prolly not be right for another 5 weeks, at least! You guys are my moving superheroes. I wish I could jet to DC for the fun.

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