you can’t run a business with gift certificates

painter (15k image)It’s Sunday. I’ve had a pretty productive weekend. And I even cooked dinner last night with Saitan. Wheat Gluten rocks. It’s like my own private Yuan Fu’s but in my lovely DC abode. I don’t have to travel down the dreaded Rockville Pike anymore. Yes, it’s goodness right at my home.

Check this out. I got a random IM last night from an old friend. Adam. Atom. I played drums for his band during my last days in college before graduation. I sure did play drums in a lot of bands then. It was good times. It’s funny now how I am not the drummer like the past 10 years have been. Anways. It turns out Adam w/ his band is playing Baltimore. They are on a nationwide tour again. They came by DC in the winter, but I totally missed them. But I am totally planning on checking out this Baltimore show and hanging with the old peeps. Oh shit. I almost forgot, Adam used to also play in another band, theirownstars. They were really totally something special. Then they stopped playing. I wonder if they ever put out a CD. I’d love to hear it. Bill was some drummer.

now i understand why hot995 couldn’t afford me – selling 1,000 tickets for a show is not lucrative – sorry to say

I was awoken this morning to my cell alarm. It’s supposed to wake me on the weekdays. But I forgot to turn it off on friday. Which is quite curious as it didnt wake me on Saturday morning. So now I am up, and a little pussy snotty. Those cats are getting a bath today! That just entertains me so much. That and it helps me live with them.

i should know monday or tuesday

Sunday, Sunday. Today we’re going to the farmer’s market to get the goods. Then we’re going to the eye glasses store to pick up Emily’s new specs. They are killer cool looking. They were the first pair I saw in the store that I really liked. It took Emily a bit to find them for herself. But she did. Today i’ll also work with the sampler a bit to get ready for the show on Wednesday. Maybe sample Grandmaster Flash some more. So excited for that. And tonight is the potluck for all the new DC residents of Takoma Park. It’s gonna be interesting. Those people are so great and we’ve yet to meet an uncool resident.

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