the sounds of now.

the silver sessions = 96 bpm (9k image)so i’m sitting here in the office…..and my hands are shaking. the silver sessions show is in about ten hours. and i’m a wreck. my nerves are making me antsy. i can’t sit still for more than two minutes. i can’t keep my mind on my work. and surfing the net isn’t helping either. i hope i can calm down by the time we go on.

i don’t understand why i get so worked up before a show. i wasn’t even this nervous before we played at sputnik. now…..that was a different kind of show. it was more experimental. and it wasn’t exactly the type of material i really want to play. it was fun….and it was a really good first show for mat and i. but now…..tonight…’s the real deal. it’s the real music we play. it’s a real venue. this is it. i’ve been waiting for this for such a long time…..and this is why i’m nervous.

so come out and see us tonight. bring your friends. bring people you haven’t even met. come see mat rock the sampler. come see me sweat like hell. come see some booty shakin’ live drum ‘n’ bass. we hope to see you there.

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