formula guide – coated/uncoated

iwanttobeinsideskylab (12k image)What a night lastnight was.

I left work around 5pm. It happens. Traffic was actually pretty light. Amazing, people working late. So i got home around 5.30 and took my clothes out of the washer and in to the dryer. Then i loaded my car with the rest of the gear. I made my pepto concoction that i seem to need before shows now and got the clothes out of the dyer and got ready to bust it to Daniel’s house. 35mins kicks ass.

I got to Daniel’s place to him practicing on his practice pad to the Silver Sessions’ practice minidisc stuff and to some beauty pagent on the TV. What was he thinking?

Anyways we get to the Talking Head Club and got all our gear set up. There was a soundman. His name was Matt. Two t’s. He asked us what we wanted mic’d. He knew what a vocoder and a theremin was. He recognized the Linn Drum. Everyone was quite nice. I ordered a water and two bags of chips. The bouncer knew Emily and we chatted for a bit about Baltimore. We got our shit all set up and then people started trickling in. Joanna. Emily. Zander and J.G. Then everyone not in a band was quarantined upstairs for our soundcheck. Yeah. We got a soundcheck. This was the begining of the end.

My sampler fritzed. I had to reboot the OS. Then I loaded the samples, but instead cleared them. I was fucked. All my samples were gone. It was a mess. I was so goddam pissed off. I didnt know what to do. Then my vocoder failed me. Perhaps it was the rain. Perhaps it was to make me narrow my skills. Regardless, the show went on. Daniel was amazing. Since I could barely hear myself, I just kept the syncopated bassline appegiations going. And the blips and the blops. And dropped in some sonic noise with feedback loops. Daniel kept the time and I kept the midrange and lowend. What was cool was that Emily noticed that everyone stayed for us and watched and bounced their head intently. But then the 2nd band came on and after the 2nd chorus they all went upstairs. Even all the people we didnt even know. So who knows.

So the lesson I learned is to write protect zip disks and to always have backups. Daniel said the recording sounded good. I cant wait to hear it. We might post some stuff up here. We might not. I’ll let you know. Or I wont. What sucks is that I’ll have to spend the next 7 days resampling everything. Akai is the bane of my existance.

Pictures are here.

:: favorite weird al parody?
34.4% :: the kinks- yoda
24.1% :: michael jackson- eat it
24.1% :: greg kihn- i lost on jeopardy
17.2% :: madonna- like a surgeon

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  • it wasn’t a beauty pageant! it was surf girls!! and….umm….i have no idea what the difference is.

  • oh! OH! And I didn’t even ask how it WAS today when I SAW you!! BAD FRIEND! BAD FRIEND! 🙁

    Sounds like, depite the technical difficulties, yall rocked it. 🙂

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