i can’t stand the rain.

where was you at? (10k image)monday. monday. most of my friends were out of town this weekend….but i still had a full weeekend. i thought i was going to be so bored. i thought i would have so much time on my hands…..and i would stare at the clock waiting for it to be today so i’d have somewhere to go. but by the time i went to bed last night…..i was tired and happy to finally rest.

friday night…..being the popular person i am…..i went to the gym. i’ve come to really love being there on firday nights. there’s no one there…..so i never have to wait for any machines. and i get my full workout done in no time. i got home and called jason to let him know i was on my way over. i’ve been wanting to check out this house for about a week now. it’s in charles village…..it’s full of musicians….and they need a roommate. the house was very cool and there’s even a practice space in the basement. the rent is almost half of what i’m paying now…..so mat and i can finally get the label going. all of the roommates were very nice and i decided pretty much on the spot that i’d take it. now i have a new home! well…..in a few months.

saturday and sunday were full of errands. running around trying to get things done that i’ve put off for weeks now. not having anyone to see really let me be productive. i actually cleaned my apartment. it’s been a little while…..and it’s not that it’s a mess…..it’s just dusting and vacuuming and general disinfecting that needed to be done. and now it is. i even got down to mat’s on sunday to play with the kitties and get some practice time in. good stuff. and now i’m just looking forward to this weekend. house(warming) party! i even think the silver sessions will show up. and maybe i’ll see you there. but after a long weekend of activity….i’m almost glad to be here at work. i’m jerseyed out.


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