docmendrakis: heh heh…you’re such a man

one day we will all be jeremiah!  jeremiah_blah (11k image)The beach was soooo needed. I didnt check my work email or even look at any of the sites i maintain. That, my friends, is what a vacation is all about. I slept late. Ate good food. Took pictures on the boardwalk of the seedy beach folk. It was a good time. I so hated coming back to work yesterday. It was one explative after another. The marketing manager next to my office must have loved me. But leaving at 4pm was a nice treat. (What a nice treat that never ever happens!)

a six hour day?!

In other news. Perhaps about my theremin doorbell? Well it’s done. I got my 500 ohm potentiometer from Kees in Australia. Actually Tasmania, Australia. A first for me. (S)he rules my world. The modification worked perfectly just after two solder points and two wire clips. So i moved the theremin from the living room into the front porch. The wire leads wont work as all the interfering capacitance in that space is quite high. I think that is from the AC leads all over that room. Kinda strange for a door area. So I have the theremin in that room and run a long speaker cable to the living room with a speaker mounted on the wall. It’s great. And when the visitor touches the door knob it jumps the theremin tone a few steps. Three, i think. But that’s just an added bonus. They still have to touch nothing to trigger the theremin. So yes, the theremin doorbell is done. And all ready for the house warming on Sunday!

The Silver Sessions also have a show at the Velvet Lounge in DC. The date is July 8th. We’ll be playing with Gel Sol and Verbal. Finally a show with bands kinda like us. At least not a fucking rock band. Flyer to come.

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