this time i am in no hurry.

get home. (8k image)it’s monday morning at 8:35 am. i’ve been up for a little over two hours. it’s hard to explain exactly what happened these past four days. ‘wha happened?’ ….i don’t even understand all of it. it doesn’t make any sense on paper. it just doesn’t seem logical. if you told me the story…..i would say that you are insane. and that it would never work. and that it would be more trouble than it’s worth. and you’d be right…..except that you’re not.

these things happen all of the time in the movies. i’ve seen them. i’ve sat in the theater or in front of my television watching these stories….and thought it was complete bullshit. that it would never happen to anyone. i’ve read books where it’s happened. i’ve written posts about it. in fact…..i remember a post just late last year that was entirely based on this and at the end….i pulled the rug out and said that it was just a daydream. it never happened…..until now.

there’s so much to this story…..and i could fill up pages here talking about it. this story has been going on for three years now. and i never thought it would get to this point….and i never thought it would be this incredible. and this time i got it right. and it’s not anything i have to think about. and it’s not anything i have to worry about. and it’s not something i have to justify to anyone. and it’s not something i’m embarrassed about. and it’s not something i’m going hide. it’s something that i knew the moment i saw her get off the plane. and she knew it too.

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