i’m not sure of the cause

prince_redpurple (13k image)I used to post here. Now I have a radio station. Actually that’s not why. But still my radio station rocks. It’s good music all the time. We don’t play Adema. We play Philip Glass and The Police. Who the fuck is Admea anyways?

Things going on:

  • going to a conference with Emily tomorrow
  • it’s called Freelance Finance
  • my nose bled two nights ago
  • i have amy’s mac and soy cheeze for lunch today
  • sheila e rules
  • working on a cd cover for the silver sessions press kit
  • we are baby sitting children on saturday
  • emily sees it as an experiment
  • i find that slightly amusing, yet kind of scary
  • uptown is more a state of mind
  • one of our clients is amenable to putting us on a retainer
  • i love that word
  • it’s almost like containter

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