blue skies for anyone

i think i've used this picture before; are we special or just drunk?  and, that's not even my shirt i'm wearing?GodAMN

Yep, I have not been updating at all recently. This is bad. I can�t think of anything horribly exciting, and so I�m rehashing things on diaryland and have nothing newsworthy to tell here either.

At least I�m not planning to kill anyone if they say �New Jersey.�

* I went and ate a veggie burger and saw �Orange County� las night. Also, I drank a Bud.
* I bought plane tickets to CA in June, K. and I are renting a car and driving about and fucking shit up. It will be just like �Crossroads,� except hopefully no one will be knocked up.
* I did a logo for a real estate company, which will effectively pay for my plane tickets to California.
* I made hotel reservations for my week of work in San Antonio. I like San Antonio, I don�t like having to work there.
* I (finally) brought Sig his Valentines day present, a bottle of good chianti and a book of poetry by Tim Burton, I am romantic.
* He gave me a plant and a pocket knife.
* My old roommates used to name their breadsticks after various penises they had seen.
* I once ate Steve.
* I am babysitting tonight.
* I need to go to the DMV, if you have more than 2 traffic violations since your last license renewal they make you take the test
* I have, like 45 or something
* I�ve been looking at Mat�s college phoos
* Makes me want to scan my college photos
* Like when my roommates Mike and Rob and I decorated our apartment with mounted deer heads
* and then watched Raw is War
* Mike and Rob were the girls, I was the guy
* They didn�t drink beer, I drank forties
* Mattwith TwoT�s and I were savages
* I miss some of those days
* Every weekend of August
* Sig is going to China in June
* I have wet hair and am wearing a jean jacket
* I made a powerpoint presentation for K�s birthday, about her fighting monkeys and Brendan Fraser
* Brendan must be stopped, he is scary, more than Powerpoint
* I work too much, I want a new Mac
* Mat and Emily need to get tickets for Nashville Pussy
* I am ready to rock
* My back and neck aren�t hurt anymore
* I love magicians
*MWTTs, I miss you. Drop the girltoy, stop shaving your head, come home from San Jose a little bit. I�m waiting.

As far as kalifornia goes, the thought is really the only thing keeping me going right now. If I don�t get out of here soon, I swear on all that is good and holy my head will explode in a rain of blood; and a reign of terror. I promise you. If I see some of you West Coasters, that would be awesome. Also, though, I may not want to talk to anyone but my carmates by that point for fear of flat hurting others/the general public.

Why won�t you return my phone calls? And, can I have the secret decoding ring? You make it difficult to decipher. Don�t hold my hand.

That�s okay, I�ve had my fill today

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