for everyone under the sun.

root down. (8k image)so i’m leaving for nashville today. i was originally suppose to leave at 8pm…..but since i rock…..and i got all of my work done yesterday and this morning…..i changed the flight to 5:30pm. which means i’ll get there at 6:30pm……about three hours earlier than jessica and i had planned. i just couldn’t sit here knowing that i could be there earlier and not do it. so i did.

and i will possibly meet the parents tonight……which i’m not so nervous about. it’s not like i’m unpresentable or anything. i think i’ll be fine. i just keep wondering what it’s like there. i’ve never been to tennessee before. i definitely need to go to the country music hall of fame……i need to see hank. HANK!! other than that…..i don’t know what we’ll end up doing. probably a lot of nothing. hanging out with her friends and her family. it should be good. well…..i know it will be. everything is better with her.

there isn’t much else going on right now. the sliver sessions are in the process of getting a cd ready…..which will be available for purchase at our shows. whenever we get one again. it’s looking good though. we had a quick run of things…..and i think we pulled it off extremely well. but it’s sort of frustrating…..i think we finally got it right at the last show we played. and now there’s nothing on the horizon. yet. hopefully we’ll be able to pick up where we left off. in any case…..we want to play in your town! we want to play at your party! email us!!

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