show canceled due to lack of advertising funds

flakey?  naw.  not someone in baltimore. baltimoreharbor (8k image)Normally I wouldn’t be pissed. Actually perhaps I would be. Honestly in my 10 years of playing shows and playing in bands, this has never happened. It did happen once due to excessive show which hindered our travels to the Unitarian Chuch. But that did give me one soundbyte of Jay that ruled beyond all ruling. So that was worth the show cancelation. And it was also out of everyone’s control.

But this person came to us. She wanted us to play a show in Baltimore. We didnt even ask her for the show or go to her for a connection. She came to us. Everything was set up. Everything was peachy. We finally had a headlining show on a weekend. This was where we wanted to be. We even got a friend who just played a show with us on the bill. Then last night, we got an email from her saying the club isn’t doing shows anymore. Or something to that effect.

Why didn’t she work it out with the club owner to finished all shows booked. Save a little reputation. Put yourself on the line a bit… I am not mad, just very disapointed.

If anyone out there wants us to play your party or fill a slot at a show, let us know. We play mad wild live drum & bass and we’re from DC. Will travel. Maybe it’s time to start making contracts.

Enough of this. I am going to the farmer’s market with Emily.

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