what actually is a day job?

sohot (12k image)Wednesday: Leave work a little early. Either skip or postpone meeting with Mark. Practice with the Silver Sessions after work. Get our Muddy Waters & Howlin’ Wolf and RL Burnside on. 7pm – Desmond comes over. Work out designing the corporate package and what not. Talk about other various sundries. Finish the Koyaanisqatsi documentary.

Thursday: TBA. Right now it’s just a thursday. Perhaps hit REI and get a bike.

Friday: Practice with the Silver Sessions. Finish up last minute things with the record artwork. Get to Staples and/or Pearl Art and get red/maroon paper for liner notes. Party like it’s 1999.

Saturday: Head over to the ‘rents place to watch the cable man set up their cable modem. Then Emily will come over after her Pilates class. Happy Birthday Pops. Have lunch with the fam. Perhaps practice with the Silver Sessions.

Sunday: Cant remember what is going on. Except the Silver Sessions is playing a show again. Details here. Come on out.

To do list: finish finances, learn illustrator so i can be more a part of Red Spoon Media, check out Becca’s new pad, stop using friendster, clean frog acquarium, dance party to klf more often, kfl’s gonna rock you, try and see kiss, decide if my distaste for fish (sans lox, as that is a genetic predisposition) is psychological or physiological.

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