i am ready to roll starting monday

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  1. Last dream: i don’t dream often. and dont give me that bullshit that i do dream, i just dont remember it.
  2. Last car ride: to work here today
  3. Last kiss: this morning right before i dropped emily at the metro
  4. Last good cry: prolly while watching “in the name of the father” this weekend.
  5. Last Missing Library Book: i’ve never really rented books. i like buying them.
  6. Last movie seen: rushmore on dvd
  7. Last Book Read: Our Band Could Be Your Life: Scenes from the American Indie Underground, 1981-1991 by Michael Azerrad
  8. Last curse word uttered: fuck
  9. Last beverage drank: water
  10. Last food consumed: mark’s kitchen leftovers and vege burger
  11. Last crush: emily watson
  12. Last phone call: brian
  13. Last TV show watched: the simpsons
  14. Last Item Bought: gauze and medical tape
  15. Last time showered: this morning
  16. Last shoes worn: daniel’s give-a-ways
  17. Last CD played: a mogwai cd
  18. Last MP3 Downloaded: do people still do this?
  19. Last annoyance: coming to work
  20. Last disappointment: our last person to book us a show
  21. Last soda drank: that peach stuff
  22. Last thing written: i guess here
  23. Last key used: to my front door
  24. Last phrase spoken: how do you spell gauze?
  25. Last trip to the bathroom: this morning
  26. Last sleep: last night
  27. Last IM: colin. ugh.
  28. Last sexual fantasy: who needs fantasy?
  29. Last orgasm: why dont you guess?
  30. Last weird encounter: everyone is weird to me
  31. Last Store Shopped at: REI (or CVS)
  32. Last ice cream eaten: chocolate!
  33. Last time amused: lulu sitting up like jaba the hut and licking her self
  34. Last time wanting to die: high school? but i think it was more cos everyone else was doing it.
  35. Last time in love: Emily.
  36. Last time hugged: hugging is silly
  37. Last time scolded: i dont get scolded
  38. Last time resentful: i dont resent
  39. Last chair sat in: this one. i still miss my other one. but at least it’s in my basement
  40. Last lipstick used: i never wore lipstick.
  41. Last underwear worn: green apple boxers
  42. Last bra worn: haha.
  43. Last shirt worn: striped gap t
  44. Last class attended: a small business finance seminar
  45. Last Final taken: must have been in college
  46. Last time dancing: dancing is for silly people
  47. Last poster looked at: one of my co-workers’ paula abdul posters circa 1992
  48. Last show attended: poison and vince neil
  49. Last webpage visited: a boston band site

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